The Nw Wyvernwood

Transforming Wyvernwood Apartments to make a vibrant new Boyle Heights.

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Dear Councilmember Huizar and the City Council:

I strongly support The New Wyvernwood! The plans will transform the outdated Boyle Heights apartment complex into a safe, modern and sustainable community that will benefit the entire region. Boyle Heights has waited years for this sort of high-quality revitalization, and I urge you to support it as well. The Wyvernwood redevelopment project will deliver a range of improvements to our community:

  • Local Jobs: The $2 billion project will create more than 10,000 valuable construction-related jobs and another 2,800 permanent jobs. The Boyle Heights Jobs Collaborative, a dedicated local hiring program, will ensure that many of these jobs go to residents of Wyvernwood and other Boyle Heights communities.
  • Safety: The project's state-of-the-art design will eliminate concealed areas on the property and enhance overall security. New roads will also allow emergency vehicles to respond to the site more swiftly.
  • Affordable Housing: Fifteen percent of units on the new site – up to 660 in total – will be reserved for those with low or very low incomes for a period of 30 years. And current residents will retain their rent-stabilized housing, making The New Wyvernwood affordable for everyone who lives there now.
  • Parks and Open Space: The New Wyvernwood will include 10.5 acres of professionally maintained parks and green space, along with another 26 acres of yards and other open spaces.
  • Modern Conveniences: The redevelopment will allow Wyvernwood residents to enjoy such basic amenities as air conditioning and high-speed Internet for the first time, and take advantage of shopping and dining opportunities right on the property.

The developer of the site, Fifteen Group, has conducted extensive outreach over the past several years to ensure the public's voice is included in the redevelopment process. And once again, current Wyvernwood tenants will pay no more in rent for new units than they would pay for their current apartments. Given all these benefits, it's no wonder why so many residents, business owners and community leaders have signed on to support this project. I hope that you will join us.

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